September 16, 2013

Stephen Jackson Explains Why He Choked Steve Francis

Stephen Jackson hasn’t been known as the calmest person in the world. If you remember when Ron Artest rushed the crowd in Detroit, Stephen Jackson, then playing for the Indiana Pacers was the player right beside Artest smacking irate Piston fans. So that right there tells you Jackson can fly off the top if need be.

The other day a video surfaced of him choking for NBA player Steve Francis in a Houston nightclub. Jackson explains that the video was old and the real reason he choked his was because Francis was on the stage and he shouldn’t have been.

“We [weren't ever] cool. I don’t hang with him. I don’t call him. We’ve never been in the same circles. I was paid to be at a concert I had with another rapper named Rocko. It was too packed for me to get to the stage. The club was so packed so one of my homeboys. The DJ. His names DJ Throat. He just told me to come do my show in the DJ booth. As soon I start rapping, he jumps up on the back of the DJ booth. He didn’t know one word to my songs. I don’t know why he jumped up there. He bumped me two times with his midsection. I felt his belt bumping me on my neck. So I looked at him the second time. The third time he does it and I almost fall on the DJ. So I turn around. I stopped rapping. The music is still going. I told him to get down. He said something crazy. One thing led to another and my hand ended up on his throat and the next thing you know, he’s in cuffs.”

Stephen Jackson says the situation was just bad timing. I think it was a situation of a washed up basketball player being thirsty for attention but that’s just me.

You can watch the full interview below.

Stephen Jackson Explains Why He Choked Steve Francis



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