September 6, 2013

Cassidy Responds To Meek Mill's Latest Diss

The bad blood is beginning to boil again in the Meek Mill Vs Cassidy beef. In the industry’s eyes, Meek had the upper hand because he has actually been relevant in the past few years without resorting to gimmicky methods like starting a beef. He could have literally said nothing and the drama would probably go away. But in the hip hop connoisseurs eye’s Cassidy had the upper hand with his fiery bars that seem to smack Meek across the side of his head every time he spits. Meek who originated from the battle scene couldn’t keep quiet after Cassidy’s ‘Control freestyle’ that was released a few weeks ago. Cassidy ripped into Meek saying,

“Ain’t no rapper tough as me, that’s why they don’t f*ck with me/They can label this a diss when the song drop/’Cause I’m better than your favorite rapper by a long shot/You gonna have to bring the song back after the song stop and rewind all the punchlines that this song got/I paint pictures, no Photoshop/I’m not the King of New York but the King of New York know I’m hot/And no I’m not trying to be the king of Philly/But I been holding down my city/Just as Gillie, really/If any of you n*ggas act silly, I’ll be happy to compete/You seen what happen to Meek/I’m not rapping to get back in the booth/I’m just rapping to be competitive”

But Meek’s relevance still gave him the upper hand, by just keeping quiet but his battling spirit allowed him to step back into the battle arena yesterday, when he released his new Cassidy diss titled ‘Kendrick You Next’, Meek spits,

“When you were screaming come to my hotel/We were slinging work out the motel/No scale. Barry Reese I know you so well/I called your check, I pulled that bitch like she’s a coat tail.”

Cassidy responded to Meek’s latest diss via Twitter vowing that the Maybach Music young gun was “in trouble”.

“I ain’t gone lie, that sh*t was weak! I wasn’t even worried about that monkey face n*gga, he should of left it alone! That n*gga in trouble.”

Meek’s response may have been just a ploy to bring some hype to his upcoming mixtape Dreamchasers 3 or he could genuinely want to annihilate Cassidy’s career. Either way hip hop fans are gonna get at least one more round of this lyrical bout so stay tuned.

Cassidy Responds To Meek Mill's Latest Diss



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